Knight Cloud

Knight IT Group offer Cloud Hosting and Cloud Back-up facilities for Private models, Public models or a hybrid of the two, to give cost effective solutions that meets your business’ needs.

Cloud Hosting:

With Cloud hosting, your IT system can be hosted as a virtually managed or unmanaged service. We can offer flexible solutions to meet your IT requirements as they change, adjusting your IT infrastructure quickly without having to upgrade, or purchase new hardware. In turn this gives you clearer control over your IT expenditure.

Cloud Back-up:

Loss and corruption of data can have a large impact on a business, whether it is through accidental deletion, viruses or file corruption. Our Cloud Backup option gives your business the security of your data, so it can be restored instantly, allowing you to eradicate any periods of disruption to your business activity.

With this option, Knight IT Group also allows you to take advantage of your current IT infrastructure; reducing the need for investment in new hardware, therefore reducing overall costs.

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