Migration projects can fail. Don’t let yours be one of them

Migrations are high-risk, one-off projects. They can expose companies to significant risks and consequences. The majority of migrations overrun in time or cost or both and some migrations never complete, or fail outright.

Migrations fail for a variety of reasons. Businesses need a solution…a way to defend against these. Knight IT’s team of experts are at hand to resolve these for you, with zero downtime and at minimal risk to your data.

For a successful migration, it is necessary to address each of the following:

  • Most companies will not undertake migration projects regularly, and will not have up-to-date expertise in-house.
  • Technology assets and dependencies are rarely fully understood.
  • Migrations consist of many processes, often unique to the project and therefore unproven.
  • Migrations expose hidden technical problems, and undocumented technical and operational processes
  • Migrations projects touch every aspect of an organisation.

Not All Business Continuity Solutions Are Created Equal:

How do migration projects fail?

  • Cost and time overruns:
    The complexity of implementing the project exceeds budgeted time and cost, and can have a material impact on business revenues
  • Business disruption:
    Migration does not take place within agreed schedules, and vital systems are not available to support the business
  • Never complete:
    some parts of the migration are too risky to carry out
  • Cancelled:
    the risks of going ahead with the migration are considered to be too great for the business to bear

Why do migration projects fail?

  • Companies do not have the experience and expertise to plan and execute
  • Existing staff are fully committed to existing responsibilities
  • Incomplete asset models
  • Lack of method
  • Incomplete planning which does not cover all risks
  • Over-ambitious scope
  • Business and technical change during project
  • Ineffective project and programme management
  • Technical issues

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Migration Projects - The Risks

“One of the riskiest of all IT projects”

“A migration programme requires significant and dedicated resources”

“A migration programme requires significant and dedicated resources”

“Success is completing the change without anybody in the business realising that it has happened”

“Stories are rife of data centre migrations that went catastrophically wrong. Delayed migration events are very common – causing huge cost overruns and other knock-on consequences.”

“Require an enhanced level of professionalism and systematic management”

“Migration is a highly strategic project that must be executed without impacting business operations, Service Level Agreements, performance, availability and data protection requirements”

“A botched move can stop an enterprise dead in its tracks; a poorly managed one can force an organisation to incur the expense of moving again far too soon.”

Migration Projects - The Way Forward

“The most effective approach is to partner with an organisation that specialises in migrations”

“Migrations don’t occur every year – work with a partner who can help”

“Having professional and experienced assistance is the best medicine that can be prescribed for a well-planned and successful move”

“The effort put into the planning phase by specialists is directly proportionate to the amount of risk mitigated.”

“Planning is key to success, and should be around 75% of the project.”

“Using an external Systems Integrator will certainly deliver significant benefits and lower total costs in the long run.”


Migration projects introduce business risk

Migrations are often seen as technology projects that the existing IT staff can deliver as part of their portfolio of work. The reality is that as businesses depend on technology, a migration can expose the business itself to high levels of risk. Interruptions in service mean interruptions in the business and in the worst cases, this can mean customer or brand impact, revenue loss and even legal liability.

Knight IT will consult and advise you along the way for the best practices, then project manage these processes from start to finish.

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