MiFID II - The New Regulation - Are You Ready?


Political agreement reached between the Parliament and Council on the framework legislation for MiFID II


Review of Framework:
- Understanding the Impact
- Accessing the implications on business


- Prepare Your Business Plan
- Prepare New Reporting
- Prepare Your IT


MiFID II regime comes into force

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What does this mean?

In January 2014 an agreement was reached between Parliament and the Council on the MiFID II framework legislation, as it stands, the new regime will come into force on 3rd January 2017.

The implementation of MiFID II is crucial in making European markets more transparent, efficient, attractive and safer to invest in.

Do you advertise any of the following to your clients?

- your mobile phone number
- your email address
- your landline number

Do you use the following in your day to day work?

- software
- processes

If so, you will need to prepare NOW for the New Regulation.

What will you need to do?

Prepare Your Business Plan

• What are the changes to costs, revenues, operations and your client base?

Prepare New Reporting

• What changes to reporting standards are required?

• Regulators, clients, others?

Prepare Your IT

• Pre and post trade transparency

• Data management

• Procedural changes

• Telephone recording

Don’t have the time? Here is how Knight MiFID II Consultancy can support you

We will visit your office to perform an impact assessment:

• Business strategy review

• Define an implementation approach

• Develop a plan

• Allocate resources

• Risk analysis

From this we will be able to consult and deliver the right solution for your business, implement this solution and provide on-going training and support.

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